We Are Bad Seed

We Are Bad Seed

Melbourne via London, Bristol, Berlin, LA and everywhere else that’s kept a little part of us.

Bad Seed is a small creative content agency built to service the music and entertainment industries.

Founded by British photographer and designer, Jay Wennington, alongside a team of award-winning content specialists and journalists, Bad Seed was born from a mutually unique take on the industries we are so deeply rooted in.

Creative, ambitious, and relentlessly optimistic, Bad Seed provides unique opportunities for artists and brands hoping to make their lasting mark on audiences in an ever-demanding creative market.

We’ve designed a scalable strategy to suit you, whether you’re wanting to implement a one-off campaign or long-term strategy.

To check out some of our work just click here or to contact us just scroll a little further. 

Together, we are Bad Seed and we are growing fast. 


Whether you're keen to work with us, have a burning question, or just really want to know our our go-to burger at Lord of the Fries, all you need to do is hit us up on the email below.
(It's the Spicy - hold the onions, btw).